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Monday, 13 February 2017 00:47

The Magnetic Gut Of The Red Giant

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I bought my ticket, went through the training, said my goodbyes, packed my brown bag, - dog the robot drove me to the launching pad, who then left without a hug or a good luck pat on the back.

As I now calmly, happily sit and strapped down for the blast-off, dog's note flashes on the screen:

"Don't forget humanity".

He's so silly, of course I won't, just because I'm headed to a planet lit and powered by a red Dwarf does not mean I will forget my roots, - an Earthling, once and always.

So what if it's a magnetic pool, but the signals coming from Xix, the goldilock planet, clearly suggest the existence a humanoid civilization, circa mid 20th century Earth. 

Yes sir, gonna be a star on Xix baby - with all the shit that I know, Their analog world will be blown away.

Ok, Ok, stop your daydream Major Tom - You read a story about astronomers peering inside a Red Giant and finding that it consists of magnets, and all of a sudden you're flying there.

Yes I know you would love to stand on a planet lit by a red star, but stick with beautiful big blue. 

Step outside, bow to our awesome class G sun, and get a girlfriend - Geez.

Sorry folks, He gets carried away - "Sometimes".

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