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Sunday, 12 February 2017 21:29

The Death Of Death

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Has there ever been the death of a human being or the extinction of whole  civilization that stopped society and the world in its track? 

Prior to the death of Muhamad Ali, I used to think that the world would come to a collective pause, a universal moment of silence for the most loved and recognizable human on the planet. But as touching, acknowledged as his death was, everything still went on as normal.

It appears that nothing stops death and death stops nothing!

Death is everywhere, in us, in all living things.

Everything that dies someday comes back.

Why then are we afraid of it? Why are we afraid of a process that snaps back the moment that it touches its longest reach and springs back as fresh as ever, repeating the process, non-stop, infinitely? 

It could be because we have a false understanding of life, and see it as the be all and end all to reality.  We forget that we are made of energy, which maintains the flesh we see, the constant 98.6 degrees that heat everything inside our body, controls the consistent rhythmic pounding of our heart, the pumping of our lungs etc. But most important, we forget that energy, our energy, all energy never dies. As energy can neither be created or destroyed. It always is. So where does the energy within us go when our flesh and organs give out?   

We know for a fact that all living life on this planet is constantly duplicating itself of physical birth and rebirth, maybe then the energy bounces from life form to life form, or maybe as the new theory of biocentrism highlighted in a book by robert Lanza argues, maybe the energy, our energy simultaneously exist in many universes, unlimited infinite number of universes where there's a unique home for anything that's possible. Yes, there's a universe right now where Joe Frazier wins, where Joe Frazier is Muhamad Ali, and even one where you, yourself are Muhamad Ali.     Hey Champ. :)

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