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Sunday, 12 February 2017 21:51

Love According To Lauryn Hill

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The first time I heard Lost Ones by Lauryn Hill- I was blown away by the passion and the energy. 


I quickly sent a text to a gal friend, (who's an expert on the subject of Lauryn Hill and her genre) unable to mask the energy and excitement generated from hearing the song.

My "could have been" gal pal told me that the chorus and melody is from an old Reggae song and the lyrics were about Lauryn's anger towards her ex, Wyclef Jean.

At the end of the song, a narrator asks a bunch of kids about their definition of "Love", which got me thinking about how I would have answered the question?

Many moon phases have passed since then - With the thought of love's definition going in and out of retrograde in my mind.


Today a  purple haze freezes the spin cycle at the rhythm of keys hitting the color ribbon, allowing me to say:


The moment any thought of hurting, neglecting, ignoring, getting even, winning, depriving and or deceiving your mate crosses your mind, you are not in love for the duration of that thought.

 And if you put those thoughts into action, like Tina Sang, Love ain't got nuttin to do with the results and consequences.


 We learn very early on in life the difference between right and wrong. If you choose to do, say or turn a blind eye to anything  you know could, would or will hurt, you're not in love.


 Love is never manifesting hurtful words actions and in-actions and never denying and defending their results. 

Love is always operating on the positive, while being aware that the negative is always around so you can happily kill it before it grows.


Love is positive, everything else is negative. 


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